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NameMdDS Balance Disorder Foundation
Registration Number36001
Name TypeLegal
Address22406 Shannondell Drive,
City State ZipAudubon, PA 19403
Fiscal Year End Date12/31/2017
Expiration Date11/15/2019

Type of Fund Dollar Amount
Gross Contributions $399,626
Net Assets $287,945
Type of Expense Dollar Amount Percentage Value
Program Services Expenses $65,342 16.35%
Management & General Expenses $3,814 0.95%
Fundraising Expenses $241,740 60.49%

Charities percentages display explanations

The information displayed about each charitable organization and its finances is obtained from the organization’s registration statement and the financial information it has submitted to the Pennsylvania Department of State, Bureau of Corporations and Charitable Organizations. Dollar amounts are obtained from Forms 990/990EZ/990PF/990N Return and all applicable schedules and/or the BCO-23 public disclosure form. The Bureau makes no representations or warranties, either express or implied, as to the accuracy of any posted information and assumes no responsibility for any errors or omissions contained therein. Registration with the Bureau and display of this information does not imply endorsement.

To search for disciplinary, enforcement or corrective measures taken by the Bureau of Corporations and Charitable Organizations on charitable organizations, professional solicitors, professional fundraising counsel or officers, director or employees of these organizations, please vist Enforcement and Disciplinary Actions.

Why doesn’t the total of the percentages equal 100%?

The expense percentages of program services, management & general and fundraising are based upon the organization’s reported gross contributions. Consequently, the total of these three percentages will not always equal 100%.

For example, if the three percentages total less than 100%, it could mean the organization spent less in the fiscal year when compared to its amount gross contributions (total expenses < gross contributions).

Conversely, if the three percentages total more than 100%, it could mean the organization spent more in the fiscal year when compared to its gross contributions (total expenses > gross contributions). In those instances where the total percentages exceed 100%, it should not be assumed that the organization had a deficit for the fiscal year (i.e. expenses exceeded revenue).

General Note: The dollar amount of gross contributions reported is not necessarily the same as the amount of total revenue. It is possible for an organization to have sources of revenue other than contributions.

You are encouraged to review the organization’s financial records through or by contacting the organization directly.

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