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How to use this site

To search for a charity, professional solicitor or professional fundraising counsel...

You can enter either a complete name or address, or any portion thereof, in the fields shown above. Providing as much information as possible, in one or more fields, will reduce the overall number of choices displayed for your selection. For example, entering fund in the "Name" field and harrisburg in "City", will return only Harrisburg-based organizations with "fund" in their names. However, including information you are not sure of may cause the search to overlook the desired organization; the search criteria must match, both in spelling and sequence, what appears in the database.

If you know the organization's EIN (Employer Identification Number), enter the complete number in the field above. This will take you directly to the fund information screen. When searching by EIN, enter numbers only (no dashes) and do not complete the remaining fields. Entering a partial number may produce a list of funds with a similar EIN. This search feature only works with charitable organizations.

If the list of search results include "previous" or "other" names for a given organization, they will be designated as such on the selection screen. However, if selected, the currently registered name, address, and financial data will be displayed on the results information screen. If a single organization is the result of your search, the selection screen is bypassed, and the most current information is displayed.

Be sure to select the type of organization you wish to locate before submitting the query. "Charities" is the default selection.

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